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Máy khí dung siêu âm 402B

Máy khí dung siêu âm 402B

Yuyue - TQ


 Name: 402 Bultrasonic nebulizer
Categories: Medcial Electric Equipment →
Code: 3.05.002A

1. Active carbon was adopted to achieve purify function, dust-removing,sterilization, and bad smell removing.
2. Special airway designed to make the heat dispersing and cooling performance better.
3.Corrosion prevention water tank design make the specification more reliable and give the machine longer working life.
4. Mdeical nebulizer
5. This product is suitable for the surroundings, which need faint scent or disinfectant, or increasing humidity. It has a 350mL reservoir, more convenient for use. 
6. Facial cleaning & beauty care
Applying over 1MHz ultrasonic nebulized mist to clean the face is very effective, and it is a usual skin care method, very convenient and comfortable.
7. Jewelry cleaning
Immerse the jewelry in the detergent and then turn on the machine. The grease and dirt can be removed from the jewelry after 10 minutes.

402B Principal technical data:
Voltage: AC220V±22V
Ultrasonic frequency: 1.7MHz±0.17MHz
Continuous working time: ≥4h  
Consumption power: ≤50W
Max medication capacity for small cup: 150mL 
Max medication capacity for big cup: 350mL   
Max nebulizing rate: ≥ 3mL/min