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Máy lọc nước siêu sạch

Máy lọc nươc siêu sạch Molelement 1805a

Máy lọc nươc siêu sạch Molelement 1805a


 Element water ultra-purification machine

Basic functions:
1. Touch screen control, automatic self-checking on starting-up;
2. Protection alarm of water shortage and power failure;
3. Built-in RO membrane fouling prevention program, RO membrane-wash keys;
4. IC Microcomputer intelligent control;
5. Built-in automatic timing cycle process of ultrapure water, which maintains high water quality;
6. Alarm of consumable goods expiration;
7. On-line monitoring of water quality resistance;
8. 128x64 large color LCD screen;
9. Display of running condition and running parameters;
10. Function of water quality and quantity upgrading;
Basic technical parameters:
1. Water source: City tap water, water pressure1.0-5.0kg/cm2
2. RO membranes water production rate : 5-100L / H;
3. Continuous water flow: 1.5L/min;
4. Outlet 1: resistance of III-class pure water is 0-10us/cm, conforming to China GB6682-92 of
III-class water standards and ASTM CAP NCCLS standards;
5. Outlet 2: resistance of I-class ultra-pure water is up to 18.25 MΩ.cm 25 ℃, conforming to China
GB6682-92 standards of I-class water and ASTM CAP NCCLS standards;

6. Retention rate of Si> 99.9%;
7. Absorbance (254nm, 1cm light path): ≤ 0.001;
8. Soluble silicon (SiO2): <0.01ppm;
9. Particles (bigger than 0.22μm) content: <1/ml;
10. Heavy metals (ppm.max): <0.001;
11. Power Supply 220V/50Hz, voltage fluctuation rate of ± 10%;
12. Working conditions: temperature 5-40 ℃, anti-freezing rooms are needed in cold areas;
13. Dimensions: 460 × 480 × 500 (mm).
Ion chromatography; gas chromatography; trace metal analysis; atomic absorption / atomic
emission spectrometry; mass spectrometry; buffer solution; high purity standardized solution
preparation; quantitative analysis of trace elements; HPLC high performance liquid
chromatography; toxicity;
Molelement 1805a 5L/H
Molelement 1810a 10L/H
Molelement 1815a 15L/H
Molelement1820a 20L/H
City tap water as water source
Molelement 1810V
RO water or distilled water as water source
TOC<10 ppb ultimate filter MF0.22μm
Resistance 18.25MΩ.cm UV254nm
Optional configuration:
1. Pre-filter machine: when the mode name of the 200 model tap water ends with a letter “b” (high
content of sediment suspensions);
2. Softener: When the mode name of the 250 model tap water ends with a letter “c” (hard water with
high content of calcium and magnesium);
3. Desalination device: When the water TDS> 400 (high salinity), the mode name of the tap water ends
with a letter “d”;
4. Rust iron pre-processor: When iron content in water > 0.3PPm